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What's New with V&G

Welcome to our revamped online ordering website. We have a few new items, new prices, and new order minimums for delivery. These past two years have been a roller coaster so we won't bore you with explanations about supply chain issues or all the other obstacles that small business owners have faced since the start of the pandemic. Instead, we hope you trust us that our number one priority is growing a sustainable business with meaningful employment and livable wages while making a high quality product for you, our dedicated and awesome customers. 

First off, we decided to make the move to frozen 4 packs of croissants and chocolate croissants rather than increase price dramatically. Our new packaging is 100% compostable, labels too! Any open orders including our 6 pack of frozen croissants and chocolate croissants will still be honored but note that any orders after October 26th will be 4 per pack. 

If you find out you are no longer in our delivery radius, please reach out. We may be able to accommodate with an additional delivery fee or a higher minimum. We're willing to work with you but please understand we can't drive out to Minnetonka anymore for 3 packs of frozen croissants. It's not you;  it's gas prices, staffing, rush hour traffic returning, etc. 

We've been so grateful to everyone who has helped us build V&G since the start of the pandemic. We now have 11 employees - ELEVEN! Thank you for your orders, likes, follows, donations, etc. 

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